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Peterborough Guest Speakers

A directory of guest speakers in the Peterborough area.

John Wayne

The Peterborough Guest Speakers web site has been designed to provide a platform for public speakers in and around the city to reach organisations and societies who are looking for people to provide interesting talks for their members.

Its free, just click the Speakers link on the left to search.

Simply put, this web site provides a single point of contact that enables both groups to get in touch with each other. If you are the Secretary of a group struggling to find a speaker, browse our web site for more information about the varied subjects that are on offer from those listed.

If you are a speaker who wishes to register in the Speaker Directory so that other people can find you, it couldn’t be simpler, just click the link below and send in your details, we will then add your information to the relevant directory.

Peterborough 1916 Guide

Over 200 talks available

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Updated February 2015